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I just stumbled across this video by Derek Webb. Webb is a strong Christian and former lead singer of the band Caedmon’s Call. He’s definitely provocative and not afraid to address issues. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the content of his song “What Matters More”. You can watch it below.


Music of Memories

Everyone has those songs that take them back to a particular time in their life, whether that be a good place or a bad one. I wanted to share some of the songs and artists that take me back to great memories, times that were highlights in my life.

Trevor Davis: Soldier

Trevor Davis is a singer/songwriter out of San Diego. This song Soldier is all about grace and picking people up when they are down. A great song, great musician.

Xavier Rudd: Messages

My good friends and I sat outside the Troubadour in Hollywood to get tickets to Xavier’s concert on the night he was to perform. A great memory and an even better show.

MarcĀ  Broussard: Home

Marc has the soul of a 60 year old black man but is a young white dude. He’s pretty amazing.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I have.