Throw It Down by Jud Wilhite

In a culture of self-help books and television pastors preaching a gospel of prosperity Jud Wilhite finally puts out a book that will show people a realistic view on recovery and surrender. Throw It Down is a small book with large amounts of wisdom. Interspersed with true stories of recovery, Throw It Down encourages readers to participate in a journey towards giving up addictions and behaviors that hold them back. The best part of Throw It Down is that it does not limit its content to only those with what might be viewed as typical addictions (alcohol, drugs, etc.) but also applies to other behaviors and addictions such as overeating and overworking. Wilhite’s writing flows naturally as he speaks of personal struggles with addiction and shares stories of recovery of people that have found hope in Jesus. A danger in faith-based recovery programs and books is a tendency to neglect the struggles that will occur but Jud Wilhite addresses the fact that many people will struggle, relapse and have to start over again. It is this reality that makes the book authentic. There is no unrealistic message that when you include Jesus in your recovery that it’s going to be all rainbows and unicorns but rather even with Jesus bad habits, addictions and behaviors are difficult to give up but that with the Jesus there is hope and grace. While the book does at times ring of a 12-Step Plan, the foundation in Jesus with emphases on mercy, grace, struggle and support makes the book more substantive than a typical recovery plan.  This book is definitely worth reading. Everyone can walk away with wisdom from this book and no matter what the behavior is there are things to learn from Jud Wilhite and the stories in Throw It Down.


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